Warne Twins: Maternity, Birth,& Newborn

I was so shocked to hear the news that my friend Nancy was having TWINS! She doesn’t have twins in her family or anything so they were pretty shocked too once they found out. She was made to carry babies though- she has had 3 great pregnancies and delivers, not to mention makes one beautiful pregnant mama! What a blessing it was to be in the delivery room with her and photograph the birth. She waited to find out what she was having and it was so exciting to find out it was a boy and then a girl! She named them Cruz and Cambrie and they are so so precious! Estyn (3 1/2) and Maclyn (1 1/2) are going to be a great big brother and sister.

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Chad & Kristine Engagement

This was the perfect day for an engagement session for these two. They were really wanting snowy engagement pictures and so once it snowed, we set a date for that weekend and it ended up being around 50 degrees that day. They are headed to Vegas to tie the knot later this year!